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Proactive—The new buzzword in the transformation at the Central Bank of the…

The Governor of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Mubarak Rashed Al Mansoori discusses the transformation of the UAE Central Bank under its new Medium-Term Plan. Among others, the Central Bank will focus on SMEs…

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Kotak Mahindra Bank improves customer experience through automated call back

In 2012, Kotak Mahindra Bank implemented a "courtesy call back" feature in its contact centres. The technological innovation gave customers faster service, and call abandonment rates dropped significantly. Savings in call charges were also…

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East and West African banks close gap with regional industry leaders in South…

Innovations emerging from East and West African banking hubs are enabling the sector to take a lead in reaching Africa’s unbanked population but much remains to be done.

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Democratisation of banking services puts focus on relationships over products

Banks face high costs of maintaining extensive branch networks while having their market share eroded by the ever-growing presence of payments solutions companies and mobile operators providing low-cost alternatives.

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Banks need to leverage their superior product knowledge to stay relevant

The industry has to look beyond growing their market presence through traditional brick-and-mortar branches by exploring new channels like mobile banking and agency collaborations.

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Adding value to data a key challenge in a multi-channel world

Social media, coupled with data analytics, gives a more complete picture of the customer but banks face the challenge of having to make sense of masses of unstructured information.

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The problem is not adoption but use of technology

Mobile banking in Saudi Arabia is still growing and its development is contingent upon customer needs, as the actual number of mobile transactions is low.

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The way forward for collaborating with non-banks

With over 53 million unbanked still transacting in cash, Egyptian banks are looking to target this potentially lucrative market through mobile or prepaid cards but uptake has been slow


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