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Singapore is creating a fintech ecosystem where innovation thrives
Date: Nov 10, 2016   |   Author: Tharman Shanmugaratnam | Opinion
Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Singapore's deputy prime minister and chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, at the launch of LATTICE80, spoke about how the country is developing a fintech ecosystem, including the venture capital sector that will allow start-ups to thrive.
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New Singapore crowdfunding rules must balance greed and fear
Date: Jul 18, 2016   |   Author: Michael Tee | Opinion
Proposed changes to crowdfunding rules in Singapore, announced days before the June 24 Brexit vote shook financial markets worldwide, throw into focus regulators’ challenge of balancing financial liberalisation and protecting investors seeking safety in times of turmoil.
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UK and Brexit: the economic implications
Date: Jun 27, 2016   |   Author: William De Vijlder | Opinion
UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union is now likely to be followed by a long process of negotiating the exit and the new relationship.
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Brexit will change UK's relationship with the rest of the world
Date: Jun 24, 2016   |   Author: Philippe Waechter | Opinion
Now that the vote to leave is clear, what will be the impact of Brexit in UK's internal affairs and how will it affect the country's position in the global economy?
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From fintech to techfin: data is the new oil
Date: May 16, 2016   |   Author: Janos Barberis | Opinion
At the closing session of the 17th Asian Banker Summit, Janos Barberis, founder of FinTech HK, discussed the power of data to transform financial technology and why China will lead the world in financial innovation.
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Mobile is transforming the money culture and lives in Bangladesh
Date: Apr 19, 2016   |   Author: Nazmul Karim Chowdhury | Opinion
Nazmul Karim Chowdhury, Senior Vice President and Head of Brand at City Bank, Bangladesh, describes how cautious optimism toward mobile financial services is slowly permeating Bangladesh society, from institutions to rural areas.
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Innovation the “regulatory sandbox” way
Date: Apr 06, 2016   |   Author: Andra Sonea | Opinion
Andra Sonea, lead solutions architect with the Innovation & Digital Analytics Lab at Lloyds Banking Group in London, maintains that an industry that enables competition and economic development does not need a “sandbox intervention.” Competition and collaboration within financial services should be the norm.
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Currency settlement mechanism strengthens Korea’s financial system
Date: Mar 30, 2016   |   Author: David Puth | Opinion
David Puth, Chief Executive Officer at CLS, welcomes the Bank of Korea’s call to expand protection from settlement risk in foreign exchange and highlights the efficiency and operational benefits of CLS to non bank financial institutions.

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