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Interview Transcript: “The finance industry has created an environment so complex…

Finance has failed because of its self-referential world where people are merely trading existing assets, rather than creating new assets. And regulation is failing by making things ever more complex and less related to the real interests…

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Interview Transcript: “Banks cannot compete with P2P unless they are digital…

Chris Skinner, founder of the Financial Services Club in Europe, and writer of Value Web and The Digital Bank, mouths the words banks fear the most: think of the future as one where traditional products make no money. That’s exactly what…

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VIDEO: “Promoting SMEs and getting Thailand out of the middle-income trap are…

Kiatchai Sophastienphong, Thailand’s vice minister of finance, talks about his immediate national economic priorities under the new government, which include relocating high-value industries to Thailand.

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Interview Transcript: “HKTDC is going to be that super connector between the…

Vincent Lo, chairman of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, says as China transforms, restructures, and rebalances its economy, slowing down has become a necessity. Its Belt and Road is a golden opportunity for Hong Kong to be an investment,…

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Interview: “We’re businessmen and entrepreneurs at heart”

Mashreq Bank CEO Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair talks about his focus on innovation, support of SMEs, and customer centricity; and the bank’s emphasis on growth within the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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Interview: “We’re more of a customer-driven wholesale bank that acquires and…

Alex Thursby, group CEO of NBAD, highlights the importance of liquidity as he discusses the bank’s new customer-focused strategy.

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Interview: “Trade is the fundamental premise of Islamic Banking”

CEO Tirad Al-Mahmoud discusses his vision of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank as a top-tier transaction banking institution as the industry evolves and seeks new sources of growth.

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Interview: “Establishing a business with FDI is what we want to grow”

As the Philippines becomes an attractive foreign direct investment destination, the country is readying for high-value-added manufacturing. Metrobank president Fabian Dee says the bank intends to support this direction while sticking to…


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