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Raymond Sia reinforced Canadia Bank's status as top SME and consumer bank in…

Raymond Sia, CEO and board director of Canadia Bank was recognised as Best Bank CEO 2022 for strengthening the bank’s position as the top SME and consumer bank in Cambodia and places its team to be a dominant player in the Cambodian financial…

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New swap agreement to hasten RMB internationalisation

Despite China’s contribution to international trade, which has risen from 4% in 2000 to 12% in 2021, the share of RMB transactions in the global settlement remains less than 2.70% as of December 2021. With enhanced currency swap agreement…

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Russia-Ukraine crisis exacerbates supply chain disruption

As the West announces sanctions over Russia’s actions in Ukraine, global supply chains, particularly related to energy and commodities from the country, will be further impacted.

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Industry experts agree rethinking technology is key to transformative disruption…

Industry experts from technology companies highlight the rapidly evolving customer needs, business models and payment landscape that force institutions to strategically rethink their technology for transformative disruption

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Financial institutions will lead the global transition to net-zero

Industry practitioners and experts discuss the critical role financial services play in meeting the needs of both customers and the community, and their preparation for black swan events as the industry moves its innovation from theory…


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