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Date: Jul 18, 2016
Author: Michael Tee
Categories: Opinions, Technology & Operations
Keywords: FundedHere, crowdfunding, MAS, SME, innovations
Proposed changes to crowdfunding rules in Singapore, announced days before the June 24 Brexit vote shook financial markets worldwide, throw into focus regulators’ challenge of balancing financial liberalisation and protecting investors seeking safety in times of turmoil.
Opinion Profile Photo

Date: Jun 27, 2016
Author: William De Vijlder
Categories: Market Developments, Markets & Exchanges, Opinions, Transaction Banking
Keywords: Brexit, EU, BNP Paribas, liquidity, EEA, GDP, BoE, GBP
UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union is now likely to be followed by a long process of negotiating the exit and the new relationship.
Research Note Profile Photo

Date: Feb 02, 2016
Author: Research
Categories: Branch Banking, Innovation, Payments, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Transaction Banking
Keywords: Krung Thai Bank, Bank of Thailand, loans, retail, deposits, SME, private transaction banking, branches, ATM
State enterprises form one of the largest customer segments of Krung Thai Bank. But this does not confine the bank, as it enters the nongovernment retail deposit market driven by a mix of competitive pricing and products, process innovation, and a strong branch network.
Case Study Profile Photo

Date: Dec 21, 2015
Author: Clement Hu
Categories: Banks We Like, Customer Centricity, Customer Relationship Management, Data Management, Performance Management, Retail Banking, Risk and Regulation, Technology & Operations
Keywords: Maybank, cost management, customer satisfaction, IT and operations, CIMB
In an atmosphere of intense competition, sputtering economy, and ambitious regional expansion, Maybank is banking on a strategy to improve efficiency across the organisation.
Interviews Profile Photo

Date: Dec 05, 2013
Author: Esther Tan
Categories: Channels, Payments, Technology & Operations, Transaction Banking
Keywords: URBPO, ICC, eLC, eBL, Bolero, Tom Rahder, Supply Chain
Tom Rahder, Vice President, Product Strategy at Bolero, discusses the benefits and future of electronic letters of credit.
Opinion Profile Photo

Date: Aug 14, 2013
Author: James Hatcher
Categories: Operational Risk & Security, Payments, Regulation, Risk and Regulation, Technology & Operations, Transaction Banking
Keywords: James Hatcher, Seeburger, SEPA, EU, EEA, PSD, SDD, SCT, European Payments Council, MAS
James Hatcher, managing director of Seeburger Asia Pacific, feels that SEPA offers a unique opportunity for treasurers in Asia to implement more efficient payments practices.

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