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The historical international of global currencies

The Renminbi Center

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End-to-end and innovative supply chain finance dominates priority
Date: Dec 06, 2017
Author: Siddharth Chandani
Categories: Basel III, Markets & Exchanges, Risk and Regulation, Technology & Operations, Transaction Banking
Keywords: BOCHK, YES Bank, Bank Mandiri, Bangkok Bank, Basel II, FDI, RMB, FATCA, MSMEs, IT, supply chain finance
A renewed push to provide end-to-end supply chain financing solutions is driving trade finance across Asia Pacific.
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Improving customer experience and reviewing business models
Date: Nov 01, 2017
Author: Timothy Tay
Categories: Innovation, Technology & Operations, Transaction Banking
Keywords: transaction banking, innovation, API, RMB, payments
New players and technologies continue to drive change in the transaction banking space in Asia Pacific, causing incumbent banks to focus more on improving customer experience and reviewing existing business models.
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Continuous focus on technology investment, operational excellence and customer service
Date: Oct 30, 2017
Author: Siddharth Chandani
Categories: Consumer Finance, Financial Institutions, Financial Technology, Payments, Technology & Operations, Transaction Banking
Keywords: RMB, Asia Pacific, payments, technology, CBA, BoCHK, ICICI Bank, CMB, Basel III
With the entry of financial technology disruptors, banks in Asia Pacific are putting greater focus on technology and operational excellence to enhance customer service and the overall transaction banking experience.


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