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Interview Transcript: “HKTDC is going to be that super connector between the investors of the world”
Date: Feb 19, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation | Interviews
Vincent Lo, chairman of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, says as China transforms, restructures, and rebalances its economy, slowing down has become a necessity. Its Belt and Road is a golden opportunity for Hong Kong to be an investment, financing, and professional services centre for companies wanting to invest in the initiative.
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Interview: “We’re businessmen and entrepreneurs at heart”
Date: Feb 16, 2016   |   Author: Farrah Brake | Interviews
Mashreq Bank CEO Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair talks about his focus on innovation, support of SMEs, and customer centricity; and the bank’s emphasis on growth within the Gulf Cooperation Council.
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Adding value to data a key challenge in a multi-channel world
Date: Feb 15, 2016   |   Author: Farrah Brake | Research Note
Social media, coupled with data analytics, gives a more complete picture of the customer but banks face the challenge of having to make sense of masses of unstructured information.
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Interview: “We’re more of a customer-driven wholesale bank that acquires and distributes”
Date: Feb 12, 2016   |   Author: Neeti Aggarwal | Interviews
Alex Thursby, group CEO of NBAD, highlights the importance of liquidity as he discusses the bank’s new customer-focused strategy.
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Interview: “Trade is the fundamental premise of Islamic Banking”
Date: Feb 11, 2016   |   Author: Mobasher Kazmi | Interviews
CEO Tirad Al-Mahmoud discusses his vision of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank as a top-tier transaction banking institution as the industry evolves and seeks new sources of growth.

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